For many, but not for all: find out if Rifugio di Mare is right for you!

The first summer season of the Rifugio di Mare is now coming to an end and we can finally gather ideas after months that are really intense and full of satisfaction.
Our overall balance is undoubtedly positive, even more: not even in our dreams we would never have imagined to have such a response in the first year and to be able to welcome people from many corners of Europe and Italy.
We have done our best to give everyone a memorable experience and we can proudly say that most of the opinions published online give us great comfort on the results of our efforts.
However – as is normal – not everyone liked our proposal. And this is probably due in the first place to our communication defect, which we tried to solve during the season by sending substantial information to anyone wishing to stay at the Refuge.
We also realized that some aspects for us inherent in the idea of Refuge were not so crystal clear for some guests. And this was yet another confirmation that ours is a niche proposal, suitable for many but certainly not for everyone.


What does it mean to stay in a Refuge

For us it is simple, but we found ourselves having to repeat it over and over again: a Refuge is not a hotel. That’s why many services (change of sheets and linen and tidying of the room, which in the hotel can also be daily), are not provided by us. Our standard – also for reasons related to environmental sustainability and logistics – is a change and tidying up every 3 days of stay.

Another critical aspect concerns the use of air conditioning. Staying on a cliff in the middle of the sea has its advantages, among which being able to enjoy a nice breeze even in summer. But there have been hot days and nights this summer, and a structure that runs on panels and batteries doesn’t allow the air conditioning to be turned on all night. It was not easy to explain to some customers that there would be limitations and that we would set up a programming that represented a good compromise between the comfort and the characteristics of our system.

So, in short: if what you are looking for is hotel service, the Refuge is probably not for you. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s best to understand first (although even luxury hotels are trying to sensitize customers to the waste of unnecessary washing or excessive air conditioning).

No, it is not possible to park in front of the property

Nothing to say to those who love the convenience of the car parked in front of the hotel, but we are a Refuge and like most of the Refuges we find ourselves in a rather isolated location. And not much, if you consider: from the road to the structure there are less than 3.5 km.

For some guests it was not easy to adapt to the idea of having to plan their travels in advance (in fact we offer an electric shuttle transport service), while others made themselves completely autonomous thanks to a bicycle or well-trained legs.

We understand the discomfort of climbing on foot or by bike when the temperatures are too high, but a good e-bike (which can also be rented on site) represents a really good compromise and as we have told here it also allows you to visit the whole district in a sustainable and comfortable way.

However, if you don’t like the idea of cycling in the heat and you don’t think about planning your days (after all, enjoying complete freedom is more than legitimate in the summer!) then you should stay in a structure located in an inhabited center or with a private parking.


The food service

Also in this area we do not differ much from any Refuge: in fact we offer a set menu based on local excellence and seasonal products.

What changes is the presentation and style of the dishes, because we have focused on a reinterpretation of tradition. The overwhelming majority of guests appreciated the gastronomic proposal and gladly accepted to be taken by the hand and follow the tasting itinerary.

The only aspect worth underlining is the importance of knowing about intolerances, allergies and specific dietary regimes in time.

However, if you cannot give up the à la carte menu, we recommend that you book with the B&B formula and do not choose half board.

What about the children?

In general, the Refuge is absolutely suitable even for the little ones, indeed it can also have a strong experiential and educational value: knowing the natural environment and admiring the animals in their context can be a great moment of growth and discovery for children. We have hosted families with great pleasure who have perfectly integrated into the spirit of the Refuge.

However, if you are an apprehensive parent who needs to have a pharmacy close at hand and needs some extra comforts (nearby supermarket, television in the room …), we recommend that you choose us as a destination for an excursion and not a overnight stay.

To conclude…

We prefer to have some empty rooms but be extremely clear about what we can offer in our facility. However, if what you read did not frighten you, but intrigued you, we will be more than happy to host you!

How to get to the Rifugio di Mare

Rifugio di Mare and MAPS are located within the Parco Naturale di Porto Conte.

To access the forest area of ​​Punta Giglio, follow the signs for Maristella and then Porto Conte. The Rifugio di Mare can be reached through various paths that wind between the woods and the coast, offering spectacular views.

The town can also be reached by public transport(here the timetables: it is advisable to always check with Arst), with the Beach Bus provided by the Cattogno company or, for the more sporty, by bike (the road from Alghero is partly cycle path) .

The electric shuttle

In case of bad weather or if there are people with mobility difficulties or children, the transport from the entrance gate to the former barracks is guaranteed by an electric shuttle. Contact us for this service!