Il Rifugio di Mare - The Sea Retreat

Our idea: to bring the warmth and conviviality of a real retreat to the sea

When the word “Retreat” is pronounced, the first mental association is with the world of the mountains. Yet the idea of a “Sea View Retreat” does not seem so strange to us.

It is enough to walk the paths that lead to Punta Giglio to realize that, for example, people greet each other smiling when they cross each other, just like in the mountains. And the feeling of welcome and human warmth that we want to offer is just that typical of a Refuge: a place to stop and regenerate after a day of activity. But also, by definition, an environment where you feel welcome and where you can find yourself.

In addition, we share a certain idea of essentiality and contact with nature with mountain retreats: we offer comfortable but simple rooms anda menu based on seasonality and the short supply chain.


Sleeping surrounded by nature, lulled by the sound of the sea and the wind. Wake up and admire the changing shades of dawn. Participate in the sports, cultural and experiential activitiesorganized by us, included in each stay.

Entrust us with the time at your disposal and we will take care of everything: you will only have the task of impressing your next, indelible memories in your mind.

Contact us now to book your stay in Punta Giglio!


We are not only sustainable in words, we also want to be sustainable in every choice. Starting with what to bring to the table. For this we have selected quality products from the territory, for this we follow the cycle of the seasons and reduce waste. We offer genuine cuisine to be enjoyed in an unforgettable setting.

Come and taste our products, from breakfast to aperitif.Contact us to book or to know the details of the special events on the calendar.


The new MAPS Museum is under construction and will allow you to know the history and naturalistic specificities of Punta Giglio.

In the meanwhile, we are ready to organize guided excursions, educational trips and evaluate collaboration proposals to create ad hoc events. For example: summer and winter schools, training meetings, cultural meetings and other initiatives as long as they take into account the specificities of the area where the Rifugio di Mare is located. Contact us for informations and proposals