The answers to the most frequently asked questions about Rifugio di Mare

In Punta Giglio, following the restoration of the former military battery S.R. 413, it is now possible to access a museum area (MAPS, Environmental Museum of Punta Giglio, Sardinia) a guesthouse and a cafeteria/restaurant.

Do you want to know how to get to Punta Giglio, when it is possible to stay overnight, when the bar or restaurant is open? This page is for you.

Discover the answers to all the most frequently asked questions. And if you want to ask us anything else, just contact us at info@rifugiodimare.it

Access to the area and Park rules

How do you get to Punta Giglio?

Read this post to find out how to get to the entrance to the Park, inside which we are located. From the entrance to the museum/guesthouse/refreshment area there are approximately 3 km of simple and well-marked route. An electric shuttle is available to guests of the guesthouse, people with reduced mobility and visitors who request it by booking it in advance at +39 371 4202359

Is entry free or paid?

For some years, access to all the managed areas of the Porto Conte Park has been included in the single ticket of the Ecomuseum. Here are the details of the rates.

Remember that:

  • All the inhabitants of the Municipality of Alghero have free access to the Punta Giglio forest area
  • The single ticket is included in the guesthouse rates.
Do I have to book the electric shuttle?

Of course! Booking allows us to organize rides correctly. It should be known that electric vehicles have a limited autonomy and that we cannot make more trips than expected, otherwise we risk running out of batteries and not being able to use the shuttle when there may be an urgent need, such as in the case of an emergency.

Punta Giglio cliffs
Punta Giglio cliffs

The guesthouse

How do you book the guesthouse?

The simplest and most convenient thing is to use our online booking system or ask us for a quote by email info@rifugiodimare.it or by calling +39 3714202359

What time are check-in and check-out?

Check-in at the refuge takes place from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Early or late check-ins can be agreed on a case-by-case basis. It is important to remember that we are inside a Natural Park and that it is recommended to arrive during the day to be able to enjoy the beauty of the places.

Check-out must take place by 11:00. Late check-outs can be agreed on a case-by-case basis only where there are no other guests arriving.

What time is breakfast?

We serve breakfast from 8.30 to 10.00. 

How often are the rooms cleaned/tidied?

Il Rifugio di Mare is a guesthouse that provides essential services and operates according to the principles of sustainability and waste reduction. For this reason, cleaning and tidying up of the rooms is expected every 3 days, as is the change of towels. For specific needs, contact the reception!

The cafeteria and the restaurant

When are you open?

From the beginning of April to the end of September we are open every day from 8.30am to 10.30pm.
Reservations are recommended, especially for dinner.

Do you have options for celiacs, vegetarians and vegans?

Of course, but we ask you to specify these requests when booking, so we will be sure to offer you a fresh and tasty alternative!

Can events be organised?

Of course! We are very happy to host family events (birthday celebrations, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries…) or corporate events, the important thing is that the organization takes into account environmental protection constraints. Contact us now for information.

Punta Giglio cliffs