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Maria Pia beach


Maria Pia is one of the most appreciated and popular beaches of the Coral Riviera. Easily accessible from both Alghero and Fertilia (from both locations it is possible to arrive on foot or by bicycle), this seaside locality is chosen by families for its convenience, the numerous services available and the shallow sandy seabed: a set of features that make it suitable even for children.

Maria Pia: an expanse of white sand surrounded by a splendid pine forest

Each of the beaches in this area has some features that make it unique and special: when it comes to Maria Pia, the first things that come to mind are the quality of the fine white sand and the splendid natural surrounding landscape. Behind this long beach, in fact, there arehigh dunes rich in vegetation and a pine forest which, even in the height of summer, offers refreshment in the hottest hours..

To get to the beach it is necessary to cross the pine forest and climb over the dunes using the special walkways that have been installed to protect the luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation. Among the species present, the juniper and the splendid sea lily stand out, whose flowering announces the beginning of spring.

Maria Pia is one of the most comfortable beaches for families: the seabed slopes gently, the sea has splendid shades and bathing is safe also thanks to the rescue service present.

What services are available at Maria Pia?

Maria Pia can boast the same level of services as Lido San Giovanni, the “urban” beach of Alghero. There are in fact numerous bathing establishments that offer the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, the possibility of drinking and eating on the beach and the organization of activities for children.

Maria Pia may not have the wild charm of other beaches in the area, but for convenience and landscape it is unrivaled!

Maria Pia: how to get there?

Coming from the center of Alghero, Maria Pia is the natural continuation of Lido San Giovanni. The promenade is equipped with a wide sidewalk and a cycle path thanks to which it is very easy to reach the beaches by walking or cycling.

For those who prefer the car, ample parking is available on site (partly for a fee). Or it is possible to use public transport, taking one of the frequent runs of the Alghero-Fertilia line (here the timetables updated to summer 2021)