Guided visits to the MAPS – Environmental Museum of Punta Giglio, Sardinia

MAPS: a stone’s throw from Alghero, a place to immerse yourself in history and nature

As part of the redevelopment of the former SR413 battery, an unusual-looking museum area has also come to life in Punta Giglio. In fact, it is not the classic museum that we are used to visiting but an outdoor area equipped with information panels.
In this place suspended between sea and sky, you will be able to get excited listening to the sound of the waves, perceive the energy of nature and imagine the historical events that unfolded right here, in Punta Giglio.


The nature trail

Punta Giglio is part of the Porto Conte Regional Park. The main route is full of information signs on the faunal and botanical specificities of the area, which includes different habitats: from the coastal pine forest to the holm oak forest, up to the vegetation of the cliff which consists of low shrubs typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

Even for those who know the area well, a guided tour is an opportunity to learn more about the botanical species, learning to recognize them and discovering old and new uses.

The area is equipped with numerous paths, so it is possible to organize different routes based on the type of public and the duration of the visit.

The historical journey

What makes the Punta Giglio complex truly unique is the historical event that has passed through it and which has left tangible traces of what once was.

The battery was made up of numerous buildings: the former barracks, which has now become the Rifugio di Mare, and a series of buildings scattered across the cliff.

Today it is possible to visit the MAPS either independently or with a guided tour. An electric shuttle service is also available upon reservation and in this case the visit can start directly from the former barracks.

During the visit it will be possible to enter the ammunition depot, explore the machine gun positions and get an idea of ​​the daily life of the soldiers who occupied the structures during the Second World War.

Booking a guided tour at MAPS is simple:

Please note that at the moment visits are carried out only by reservation for a minimum of two people.

How to get to the Rifugio di Mare

Rifugio di Mare and MAPS are located within the Parco Naturale di Porto Conte.

To access the forest area of ​​Punta Giglio, follow the signs for Maristella and then Porto Conte. The Rifugio di Mare can be reached through various paths that wind between the woods and the coast, offering spectacular views.

The town can also be reached by public transport(here the timetables: it is advisable to always check with Arst), with the Beach Bus provided by the Cattogno company or, for the more sporty, by bike (the road from Alghero is partly cycle path) .

The electric shuttle

In case of bad weather or if there are people with mobility difficulties or children, the transport from the entrance gate to the former barracks is guaranteed by an electric shuttle. Contact us for this service!

Punta Giglio: before the birth of MAPS

The former barracks
The other buildings